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Biography of Mr. Mohit Joshi

Mr. Mohit Joshi was born in 1995 in Bageshwar, Uttrakhand. Mohit Joshi’s father’s Name is Late Shri Khimanand Joshi and mother’s name is Smt. Pushpa Devi. Struggling face of his life started, when he was only at the age of 14, but he took care of himself, and if he had gone away from the troubles of his life, he would not have been at this pinnacle of success today.

Mr. Joshi’s life is inspiring the struggling people, the way in which he has started and grew out of a middle class family, which is really commendable. After getting the Degree of Mechanical Engineering, he got his first job in Tata Motors, Rudrapur, Uttrakhand.

A few months later, Mr. Joshi did Join Direct Selling Company in Chandigarh. In direct selling company, he worked hard and devoted to his work. During that period, he understood that if something has to be done in life, then it is necessary to take some big decisions and to do something big, it is necessary to reach every person associated with the business world. Afterwards, on 24 August 2018, Mr. Joshi came to Delhi and started a Direct Selling Company by his own efforts, which is named “Internacia India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.” He had faced a lot of challenges to start this company.

Currently, he is the Director of the Company, named “Internacia India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.”, which is a successful Entrepreneur in a short period of time, because of his devoted and hardworking nature. He has been achieved big achievements in a short period and has forced big business leaders of this field to surprise. He teaches the right ways to run and grow business. In such a short period, he has been achieved all the comforts which are necessary for today’s life, from his hard earned money. His opinions, his work, struggles, achievements and wisdom are all revealed in the Entrepreneur “Internacia India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.”, which is founded by him.

About Me

Internacia India Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a Direct Selling company with various branches in all over the country. Internacia is a platform where confidence comes among those people who are willing to do work and the art of living comes.

I am Mohit Joshi, founder and Entrepreneur for an independently owned direct selling company called Internacia India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.